Where did that month go?

Time flies, I have spread my Snowbird wings and migrated to Florida for the winter. A good time to read and reflect.

I have been reading Steven Price’s book, By Gaslight, and have found it to be an intriguing story which uses the London of the 19th century as a vivid backdrop. It’s one of the best reads for me over the past few months.

Steven Price has captured the London street scene so well, to the point where I started to remember some of my family histories.

On my mother’s side, from my great grandfather back to the 1700’s, my ancestors had been Watermen working on the River Thames. My great-great grandfather William Henry Campbell was born in 1829 and became an Admiralty Messenger, as well as one of Queen Victoria’s Royal Boatman.

The images that By Gaslight created for me have drawn me towards finding out more about the man and the times he lived in. Now I am wondering if there is a story to be told?

Visit the Steven Price website

SE, Florida

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