Been there!

How to start or restart writing, that is the question? At some time or another, even old hacks as well as new and aspiring writers will have hit the block. One hopes that words just flow like water from our fingers. Unfortunately at others the stream is like a turgid dripping of words  which freezes in to suspended animation.

When this happens perhaps you get up from your work and walk around. Make a coffee, or go to the bathroom. Maybe shout and scream, before bashing your head against the wall. Well I hope you don’t go that far!

For me starting to write for my own pleasure a couple of years ago was the above and more!

I started late. I had retired and felt that if I was to get an idea I had had for a story on to paper, then now was the time. The idea had been kicking around for a number of years and having never tried to be a creative writer, the prospects both excited me and scared the bejeebers out of me. (I will let you know how I actually started in a later blog.)

Writer’s block has plagued many successful writers, including William Golding, Douglas Adams and Ian Rankin.  Ian is among my favourite crime authors and I recently had the good fortune to  be able to listen to him for a couple of hours in Toronto. He was on one of his whistle stop tours of Canada.

Tom Wolfe said recently he was only inspired to write again after a stroke brought him close to a terminal writer’s block, and it may have been the ever running sands of time that inspired me to start writing for the first time.

I hope that through this blog (and I have no experience with blogging either), I will be able to talk about my journey into writing.

SE – 12th April 2016, Florida.

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